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Christine Couvillon


Washington, D.C.
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Christine advocates for clients in disputes against the federal government — in fraud investigations, challenging federal regulations, and administrative proceedings — and advises on FAR, DFARS, cybersecurity, and supply chain risks in government contracts.

Christine defends organizations in litigation against federal and state agencies or prime- or subcontractors, and fights for companies disputing regulations that harm their business. With years of experience writing persuasive motions and pleadings, preparing appeals, negotiating settlements, arguing hearings, taking and defending depositions, and planning and leading discovery in complex cases, she builds cases and strategizes the best results for her clients.

Christine has litigated cases under the False Claims Act and the Administrative Procedure Act in federal courts from Boston to Washington, D.C. She also promotes her clients' interests in contract claims before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, and protests and defends contract awards before the Government Accountability Office. Defending companies under investigation by the federal government and state agencies, Christine has directed and led internal investigations, subpoena responses, and presentations to government agencies on behalf of government contractors and higher education clients.

Advising corporate, higher education, and federal agency clients, Christine understands the incentives on all sides of government contract disputes and will provide creative solutions to the difficulties facing your organization. She routinely counsels government contractor clients on compliance with the FAR and DFARS, especially with cybersecurity regulations and supply chain risks. Christine has guided organizations from small business contractors to large prime contractors and academic medical centers through internal investigations into allegations of fraud and violations of international trade sanctions.

In her pro bono work, Christine leads clients through disputes before the federal and state courts, preparing for trials and negotiating settlements. She also volunteers with D.C.'s Humane Rescue Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, Bread for the City, and the D.C. Superior Court Landlord-Tenant Housing Clinic.


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